Auspicious Chinese Name Selection

 The first and lasting gift that parents can give to their child is an auspicious chinese name.

Auspicious chinese baby name selection or chinese name selection is a complex and tedious process as it combines the knowledge of chinese metaphysics and language. Parents can choose an auspicious chinese name for their child to bring about good benefits in the following aspects:

Health, Academic Performance,Creativity,Career,Networking,People luck, Wealth ,  Romance & Marriage etc. 

Our selection method is robust as it combines the calculation of the various Chinese Naming Systems and will give you the best chinese name proposal to match with your Bazi and Chinese Zodiac .

Chinese Naming Systems  姓名学


San Cai Wu Ge                    三才五格

81 Shu Ma Ling Dong     八十一数码灵动

Ba Zi                                        八字姓名学

Chinese Zodiac                生肖姓名学

Besides having auspicious elements, a good chinese name should sound nice and have meaning so that the selected name can enhance the child’s luck and help to overcome obstacles in life.


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Chinese Name Selection

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