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Chinese Character Structure  -  Too many  [彡] in the name. [彡] represents the ability to exude talents. However, having too many [彡] can be detrimental to the point of wanting too much attention and show off himself.


Chinese Character Meaning  - 杉 . A deeper meaning says that this character represents talents in many areas but will likely meet with misfortune and many setbacks in life.


The above Chinese name belongs to an infamous youngster in Singapore. The Human Formation clashes with the Heaven formation reveals that the person is rebellious and likes to challenge authority. The person is also defiant against his parents.

From the above chinese name, it seems that the Master / person who had helped to select the above chinese name had purposely injected element of water into the Name without holistically consider all other aspects. In other words, the Master / person may be proficient in Bazi but not as good in Chinese Naming Systems. From a Metaphysics perspective, the above Chinese Name is seriously flawed and will bring about negative influence to the person. This is a real life example. You may do a search on the above chinese name 余澎杉 (Yu2 Peng2 Shan1).

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