Chinese Name Selection Service

Examples of Auspicious Chinese Name  择名示范

Our Service  服务事项

Bazi Name Selection  总合命名    $ 138

Bazi Change Name      八字改命    $ 168

Caesarean Date Selection   生产择日   $ 680

Bazi Ziwei Life Analysis    八字紫微论命  $ 280

To engage our service, you may contact / SMS / Whatsapp to 

联络电话      +  65-98893128

(or alternatively email 电邮


Get ready the following information:

1.  The Child Date and Time of Birth

  (出生日期 与 时间)

2.   Both Parents’ Chinese Names,  Birth Date & Chinese Zodiac

       ( 父母的姓名, 生日 以及 生肖)

3.   Gender of the Child


4.   Child's Siblings Chinese Names, Date & Time of Birth

    (取名者的兄 / 姐 姓名,出生日期 与 时间)

5.  Chinese Characters to avoid (if any) / Preferred Characters



Upon payment, we will reply you within 2-3 days with the following


 (Master will discuss the details with you)

Contact / Whatsapp us at
+65-9889 3128 if you have further enqueries.

Example of an Inauspicious Chinese Name (论名案例)




Heaven Formation clashes with Human Formation (self)

Relationship with superiors and seniors is bad. Hence, unable to seek proper advice and help from experience people.




Earth Formation clashes with Human Formation (self)

Easily influenced by people with bad intentions and unable to differentiate the good from the bad friends.   Get herself involved and legal suit and bad luck.