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Master Chan is very knowledgeable and provides highly professional and dedicated naming services. He is able to provide name combinations and preferred names to choose from and also a detailed write-up on the chosen name. I greatly appreciate his efficiency, professionalism and highly personalized services. Definitely recommended. 

Mr Kwek Boon Chow

I was first introduced to sgbabyname when I casually mentioned in one of the mummies chat group that I was looking for a shifu or geomancer to find a suitable name for my unborn baby based on the child's bazi. One mummy recommended Master Chan. I contacted Master Chan via text and he immediately replied me with whatever information required from me and explained why and what they are for. 

When I enquired deeper on how the name will be selected, he went on to explain how he will go about doing it while encouraging me to ask whenever I am unsure. Technically, I do not understand the full explanation, however I felt assured leaving my baby's name in his hands as the professionalism displayed was exemplary. This was relatively different from what my other friends went through when they engaged other shifus for their services. 

When my baby's born, I texted him the full information he required and based on my friends' experiences, all the shifus will require a week's turnaround time to get back to their clients. However, I was pleasantly caught by surprise when Master Chan got back within 2 days with 8 names ready for selection.

He was also nice enough to answer more questions from me like what's the element lacking in my child's bazi and the reason how the name will complement the lacking element. He also pointed out to us to consider the dialect version of the name and provided the best date/time for us to register at ICA.

All in all, I am very happy with his meticulosity, turnaround time and professionalism. Most importantly, we are happy we didn't approach the wrong shifu for our baby's name.

Ms Caroline Ong

I would like to recommend you Master Chan's professional service in Chinese name analysis and selection. I approached Master Chan for advice for change of my Chinese name.

I have experienced the positive results after changing my Chinese name upon Master Chan's advice. It has improved my relationships with people and has opened doors to many opportunities when I searched for a suitable career for myself.

Master Chan is very knowledgeable and is very well versed in exploring the best possible second and third chinese characters to match the surname . He has also provided the meanings of every characters and leave no room for ambiguity when deciding for my chinese name. 

The professionalism of his service is definitely what I would like to compliment.  It is definitely worth the call of engaging him for your choice of Chinese names.

With that, I wish you success in your new name and endeavours.

Miss Joyce Goh

Baby Chinese Name Selection Feedback

Client A :  Feedback from a faithful Buddhist client.

baby chinese name

Client B : The parents sought help from Master Chan to selection the best Chinese Name to bring out the good effects. The baby was discharged 3 days after the Chinese Name was registered.

baby chinese name

Feedback from satisfied clients

baby chinese name selection
baby chinese name selection
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Baby Chinese Name Selection

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