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Birth Registration and Deed Poll after Chinese Name Selection

* For reference. Reader are advised to check out ICA website for the latest information

Registration of Birth

According to ICA, births should be registered within 14 days from the date of birth, including Sundays and public holidays. However, parents can still register their child’s birth after 14 days and within 42 days although this is regarded as delayed registration. If the birth registration is done beyond 42 days, the case can only be done at ICA HQ at Lavender. There is a need for a letter of explanation station the reason for being late. 

As the chinese name selection done by us only takes up about 2-3 working days, it usually does not affect the child birth registration. If need be, you can contact our Master directly to see if he can expedite the process and accommodate the request, subject to his availability.

We would usually recommend our clients to make another trip down to the hospital to register for the child birth instead rushing to make a decision on the child’s name for birth registration within the mother’s 2-3 days stay in the hospital after delivery. This is because more time is needed for family members to discuss and decide on the final selection of the chinese name among the options given to you by our Master. Generally, the hospital has shorter waiting time for birth registration as compared to ICA.

Upon request by clients, date selection can be done to find the best timing to register for the birth certificate.

Births can be registered at any of the following hospitals where the child was born. Do check out on the opening hours of the birth registration counters during admission:

Thomson Medical Centre

Gleneagles Hospital

KK Women's & Children's Hospital

National University Hospital

Raffles Hospital

Parkway East Hospital

Singapore General Hospital

Mount Alvernia Hospital

Mount Elizabeth Hospital

Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital

Name Changing Procedure in Singapore - Deed Poll

A deed poll is a legal document that is a MUST if you want a change of name. It is required by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) and other institution so as to process your change of name in your records.


A deed poll usually cost less than S$100 and is drafted in a law firm, signed by both lawyer and the person who wants to change name


For children under the age of 21, at least one parent has to sign the deed poll before a lawyer (after receiving the consent of the other parent, if applicable). Where the parents are divorced, children under 21 can only change their surnames if consent from their biological father is first obtained. If a parent cannot be reached, an enquiry should be first made with the ICA before execution of the deed poll.


Please refer to ICA website on the procedures to change name in NRIC.

There is a payment of S$60 for ICA to change your name. ICA has an online platform called the iC Online website:

As written in ICA website, the processing time is 3 working days upon receipt of the application.

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